"What I found after using TCOY is that it’s truly a system for taking control of your life."

I was eager to try TCOY because as a psychologist I value the importance of intentional living. I teach clients about mindfulness and do my best to incorporate these practices into my own life as well. Yet, without a tangible guide, it’s difficult to make it a daily habit.

Thankfully, TCOY provides a simple, structured way to add mindfulness to your day. This planner helps you to visualize what you want to do and feel in your life. It also encourages you to write down your daily tasks, so you are clear about your priorities each day. I love that it also provides a space to consider what challenges you faced and what you learned from them.

What I found after using TCOY is that it’s truly a system for taking control of your life. I began to feel more excited about the tasks on my to-do list because I know they are getting me closer to my goals. And I have the power to decide how I will feel and function throughout my day. At times, the first thing I do in the morning is check my phone or work. But now I use the TCOY first thing and it helps me to set my intentions and be more mindful about how I go through my day. Instead of feeling like I'm living on autopilot I feel more focused and purposeful.

I would recommend TCOY to anyone who wants to feel more focused and present in their life. This is a fantastic tool for those with big dreams. And anyone who is ready to upscale their life and choose to show up for themselves.

Kathryn Schwab, M.S., Ed.S