"I encourage everyone to make The Novel of You a part of their daily life."

The Novel of You provides a space to schedule and keep track of your daily tasks and responsibilities, but flip through its pages before you write this off as just another time management tool like any other. You will likely be surprised to find that this planner awakens motivation, productivity, and insight—an effect you might not exactly expect from using a notebook calendar. Within The Novel of You’s short, simple phrases, questions, and suggestions for reflection, you can derive inspiration to do more with your life than simply cross things off your to-do list as the days and weeks pass by. The Novel of You teaches us that in the midst of our responsibilities and commitments, we can also dream, reflect, set intentions, and pursue goals. We can strive to grow, progress, and derive greater meaning and purpose in our lives. As the author notes in the first pages of this powerful resource, time is certainly limited, but this reality need not frighten us. Life is beautiful because we are only allowed a finite amount of moments. We can decide how we want to use—to maximize—the time we have. The Novel of You serves as a platform on which we can experience greater joy, create meaning, and discover the many opportunities for adventure that await.


I encourage everyone to make The Novel of You a part of their daily life. Start with its simple 13-week journey where you will uncover a whole new perspective on how you can truly make the most of the weeks, days, and precious moments ahead.


Carolina Estevez, Psy.D.